Pulling together all the right resources.

We make it our business to be involved in the movement of your freight at every step of the way. Whether it’s across the city or across the country, a pallet or a crate, a full load or container, by road or rail, we’ll make sure it gets there.

Attention to detail

Even the simplest job takes careful planning and monitoring, because there are often several links in the chain and no shortage of opportunities for something to go wrong.

We keep on top of the paperwork, checking consignment notes, monitoring correspondence, and making sure your freight is where it’s supposed to be at the right time. We work in the background, forestalling problems before they arise and making sure all the pieces fit together.

Our network

We’ve built a solid network of reliable operators across the continent. With access to various fleets we can find the right vehicle for your job, whatever its size. If loading or unloading is a problem we can arrange a side loader or tailgate, or even arrange the unloading by hand if necessary.

Our value lies in choosing the best options for you and making sure everyone involved does their job.

Project work

Our speciality is in complex transport project work involving multiple handling. We’ll visit your site to address your specific needs, and help you make sure even the minutest details are considered so your freight is delivered on time.

Simplified service

AFMS is your single point of contact throughout the whole freighting process. There’s no need for you to speak with anyone else, and you certainly won’t be bothered with the various little problems that can pop up. If there’s an issue we’ll sort it out for you (and keep you in the loop).

Best of all, you’ll receive a single invoice from us, which makes your bookworking burden a whole lot lighter.